Two different processes create two different styles of art.
“Love” is a mixed media piece. It has three sheets of aged aluminum with my transferred photographic archivable pigment inks of our ‘Spray the Love’ fence artwork. The metal sheets are mounted to a reclaimed furniture wood box.
The overall dimensions of “Love” is 16.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches tall by 4 inches deep. This is the first of my “Wire and Wood” series. I’m intrigued by the interwoven relationship of trees (in all their forms) and metal (in all its forms) when they are engineered to work together. These first two submissions are the first of my personal series, “Wire and Wood”.
My second piece, “More Love” is similar in imagery, but with five sheets aluminum. The dimensions are 43 inches wide by 25.5 inches tall by 1 inch deep.

I used DASS ART products to transfer my archivable pigment ink images. The process allows non-mechanical completion of the final artwork. Where a printer can print the image the same way, thousands of times, this process allows for a thousand of ink transfers to all be unique every time because of the hand-creation and transfer process.
These two pieces and the final one below, "Family Love" are even more personally poignant because of the meaning behind the photographs. They are images of spray painted flowers on my “ramshackled” fence. The intense colors of the hundreds of unique flowers spell out the word “LOVE” in bright yellow. They are the result of hundreds of individuals’ helping us with our community art project.

After a string of suicides at my daughter’s high school, my family and I decided to create a mural on our backyard fence facing a busy frontage road. We asked our community to assist us. documents the heart-warming and life-changing experience for our family that delivers a message that all can relate to, not just those affected by the local tragedies. It was an amazing experience and has deepened out appreciation of how art heals the sick and sad.
This third piece, "Family Love" applied the photographs to a heavier stock metal using Roland DG - Ultra Violet technology (LEF300). I feel that if my image is controlled by a machine, at least the material it is printed on should be unique and one-of-a-kind. Much like the aluminum of the previous pieces, the metal here was chemically distressed.
Each plate is suspended above the old barn window's glass with magnets.

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