One of 13 artists chosen to create artwork printed to vinyl and wrapped around various electric light switch boxes in the downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado area. This box is located on the Northeast corner of the Vermillo and Tejon Street intersection in front of the Pioneer Museum. 
Finished size is 24 inches deep by 33 inches wide by 58 inches tall.
Inspiration was the region's diverse history and culture depicted through book titles and knick-knack objects. Tribute is paid to over 150 popular and/or classic books, movies, and music albums throughout the years, and not just in relationship to the area. Titles were collected from many lists from friends and family as dedications to each of the contributors. 
Our relationships with one another are very much like books. Our content, titles and substance may be similar in look and sound, but be not mistaken, each item is its own piece, its own story. "Shelf Life" is collection and reflection of history and people, both alive and gone, that have made a difference in my life and this community with rich history.
Pencil, Adobe Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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