Provided photographs ranged in quality from high-resolution digital originals to low-resolution phone pics of printed originals. Process began as a personal project, but became a series of prints for 1350 Distilling's Taste Lounge decoration.
Every image, like every person has a story. Recreating a digital painting can allow for very precise reproduction, but I am inspired by memory. Memories of someone lost or gone is easily strengthened by a single photograph. It does not have to be precise. The remembrance of a song, a setting, words said or implied can all come rushing back to the viewer. I wanted to make use of new mobile app products to recreate a simulated painted experience, something that the viewer can feel emotion from even without knowing the story or stories behind the person or place.
Applications used: Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Capture, Adobe Paint Can, Prisma Photo Editor, Adobe Draw, and Adobe Illustrator (for final print ready file).
Printing quality capable of 18" x 24" dye sublimation print onto metal.
Sample of image provided (left - 944 x 960 pixel, 72 dpi) and finished printed piece (right - 3000 x 3000 pixel, 300 dpi)

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