Project Overview
This land surveying, civil engineering, and land-use planning company was under new, younger ownership and needed to update their basic “brochure” website. The previous 35 years of business required little-to-no high tech needs for their otherwise “word of mouth” business, but larger out of town corporations started to change how they were conducting business and how they wanted to be perceived.
CFA, Inc. requested a faster and more informative website that could allow for constant updating of projects completed to show as a living portfolio. They also wanted to focus on their diverse services, extensive portfolio, and highlight the talented team that made CFA, Inc. successful. The website had to be created in a way that the business could have their administrative staff easily update without any HTML/CSS or design experience.
My Role
Research existing online cloud-based web development services to find the best long-term option for the client. I led the UI/UX design, visual design, interaction design, and website development for this  turn-key website, as well as created step-by-step instructions for their staff to maintain.
I collaborated with the ownership and staff to cultivate content and complete this project. I have since helped to maintain the website due to heavy turn-over of administrative staff and constant need of new photography, which I have assisted the client with.
Design Process
Sketches, Microsoft Office outline of content, and comparisons of platforms. Then basic wireframing using Adobe Illustrator helped the client to visualize the possibilities, especially in cases of layering imagery and text and illustrating the ability to hover over different service departments on the People page to clearly indicate which team members worked in each service's department.
Client had an unexciting logo that no one really cared for, but they felt it was their greatest noticeable branding recognition. Slight refinements coupled with my industry research helped to find a happy middle ground to showcase and enhance their long-standing local image.
Research of competitors and the industry assisted us with the creation of a new brand color scheme totally unique to the service industry in this region. Through consistent branding and color usage, these standards have been implemented throughout their marketing and advertising, including truck wraps, merchandise, signage and Request For Proposals for new prospective clients.
Although this is a Webflow product, many customized features were created to enhance the finished site as the client wanted.
Final Design

Homepage with links to newest updates first.

Portfolio main page with links to specific project types.
Portfolio main page with links to specific project types.
Individual portfolio project page
Individual portfolio project page
Team member bio page.
Team member bio page.

Hovering effect highlights team members associated with specific services.

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