Client: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Client needed a way to provide field sales associates with hard data and competition statistics for surgeons. This 443 page document was created in Adobe InDesign and exported out as an Interactive PDF. The file was distributed to sales associates via a database that would notify them of updated files, which they could download onto their tablet devices. This simulated the concept of an "app" but maintained the navigational needs to quickly find information pertaining to a particular subject.
This process was utilized by the client for many years for these reasons:
1. Client had an army of graphic designers proficient in InDesign that could easily adapt print content to a non-print export format.
2. Web apps were troublesome and very expensive to create and update quickly when new data research became available.
3. Concern for company confidentiality was the highest priority. This process limited access through corporate login systems.
4. Per HIPPA laws, internet access was not allowed when visiting a doctor's office and data streaming was not cost effective for a sales team numbering in the thousands. Still, the ability to have up-to-date files for answering surgeon questions would remain within their hands at all times if following protocol will abiding by the federal law. 

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