Project Overview
I approached this upscale steakhouse in Downtown Colorado Springs after assisting with their printed menu redesigns. Their existing WordPress website was unorganized and very difficult for their staff to update the simplest changes such as hours of operation or menu items. The proposal to elevate their website to match the clientele and plates they were serving was welcomed. The needed to match the service and quality in the restaurant online was our highest priority. Speed and responsiveness for mobile users were key factors that needed to be address.
My Role
I led the UI/UX design and website development for this project using the cloud-based web development service, Wix. I collaborated with the ownership and management to streamline their content with attention to clear navigation while organizing their menus into logical, digestible chunks. I implemented a two-week Agile-like process to better assist with their limited availability to review and provide content while I built out different sections of the website.
Design Process
Basing content and organization of existing site, I restructured and streamlined the content first in an outlined format in a shared Google Doc. I provided template examples of different possible layouts for each section, and built out the site based on the client's wishes. 
Final Design

Fast and responsive.

Scrolling through the site.

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