DASS Logo - Revamp

Logo needed to incorporate a relationship to the primary product, SUPERSAUCE®, that allows for digital art transfers to a wide variety of substrates for artists and photographers. The product is applied with a brushstroke over the printed image. Products are the original brand of their kind and have been around for a very long time. Desire to have a newer vintage or retro look was wanted. A representation of cameras and photography was also a key ingredient for the final mark. A new website is being created to house all of the products, including the their newest product, WONDERSAUCE® - a child-friendly digital art emulsion transfer chemical. With the new website comes a more memorable URL, DASSART.COM needed to be included in the Full Logo version too. The original logo had a chemical symbol that represented the "A" for Alchemy in DASS. Because the key ingredients rely heavily on their chemical build-up, the desire to maintain this symbology was important to the client. The new slogan (also developed by CreativeJake) needed to be incorporated. Lastly, the logo needed to have some ability to be represented with different colors for the many different types of papers, transparency films, and chemical products without appearing too "craftsy" or "pastelly".

The original logo in use. The abbreviation of the full name, Digital Art Studio Seminars had evolved to become the recognizable name over the past few years. This was the driving force, as well as a desire to update and "freshen-up" the branding for the release of a new product and book release.
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